“A More Perfect Union” Annotatathon

Partner_Badge_CircleOften considered one of the greatest speeches in US history, Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” is certainly one of the greatest campaign speeches by a future president, delivered as it was during his run to become the Democratic candidate in 2008. For the anniversary of this historic speech, we’ll be revisiting it in annotation using Hypothesis.

Let’s imagine it’s 2008! Annotate Obama’s remarks with an ear/eye towards what makes you think people should vote for him or not vote for him and explain why.

Join us for a week-long annotatathon of “A More Perfect Union” beginning on March 14th. (Remember you can always have students annotate the speech privately or as part of a group if you so choose.)

Here’s a link to the speech transcript at NPR:

A More Perfect Union speech | [“via” link]