Hypothesis Abuse Policy


We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse of any Hypothesis application or service. We actively monitor the use of our systems and services to identify and put a stop to any unauthorized use of our service, as dictated by our Terms of Service. We also work with all appropriate internet security organizations to investigate and respond accordingly.

Why am I seeing a warning page when using Hypothesis?

To protect you from spam or malware, Hypothesis will block the use of Via, our proxy service, when you visit a site that is not on our list of pre-approved domains. For sites that are not on our “allow list,” you will see the following error message:

Content cannot be annotated yet

Unfortunately, the contents of this page cannot be annotated with Via at this time.

To annotate this page

Use our browser extension:

  1. Follow the instructions on our homepage to install our browser extension
  2. Visit the page directly at https://www.mobilize.us/vets-for-the-people/event/371156/ and click on the extension icon to see the annotations.

Or let us know you’d like to annotate the page with Via.

If you visit a site that is flagged as high-risk or known to be malicious, you will see the following warning:

Deceptive site ahead

This site is not available through Via because it might be hosting harmful content.

Attackers on the site may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards).

Original URL: https://hello.web.app

The text in this error message is already included on the webpage.

If you see either of the above messages when using a Hypothesis-generated link, you will not be able to use Hypothesis to view or annotate that particular page. Please follow the instructions on the warning page, or contact us with any questions.

I’ve found a Hypothesis link that is suspect and directs me to a non-legitimate looking site. What should I do?

Use this form to report suspect links. The Hypothesis support team will review your report and take appropriate action.

I’m trying to follow a Hypothesis link to a site that I believe is safe, but I am seeing an error message. What should I do?

You can always view and annotate pages by visiting the page directly and using our browser extension or Bookmarklet. If you would like to have a site added to our allow list so that you and others can view and annotate using Via, please use this form.

Last Update Status: April 2021