Welcoming Benjamin Young

By tilgovi | 13 May, 2014

This Monday we added Benjamin Young to the Hypothes.is team as Developer Advocate. Developer Advocacy is a key role in spreading knowledge and know-how among developers, encouraging use of world changing ideas, and generally banging the drum about the greatness of something. We believe the Web is super great, and it could be even better with annotation. We’re excited to be advocating for an annotated Web by adding Benjamin to our team.

Meet Benjamin.

Benjamin hates computers. There is so much promise but some frustrating failings. Twenty-five years after the start of the Web there remains no standard for commenting and collaborative authoring platforms tightly integrate their own solutions or leave them out altogether. He joins us to bring our ideas about some of these issues into broader awareness among developers. Benjamin will be an integration liaison and ambassador for the people of the Open Web at Hypothes.is; a platform ombudsperson to hold us accountable to our vision of a freely annotated Web.

Benjamin will be making cameo appearances at random conferences where he’ll shake hands, kiss babies, pass out t-shirts and stickers and generally be a positive gadfly.

We hope that you’ll join us in building annotation into the fabric of the Web. If you’re at all interested in contributing, implementing, or (at the very least) hearing more, give @bigbluehat a shout on Twitter, Github, IRC, or in person.

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