Esther Dyson to Keynote I Annotate 2017

By Nate Angell | 28 February, 2017

Picture of Esther Dyson floating in zero gravity holding an open bottle of water that is leaking out.
courtesy of Zero-G by Esther Dyson CC BY.

We are excited and honored to announce that digital pioneer Esther Dyson will deliver the opening keynote at I Annotate this year in San Francisco on Thursday morning, May 4, 2017.

Across her multifaceted career, Dyson has engaged deeply in the fields where annotation thrives, including education, journalism, publishing, research, science, and technology. This year’s I Annotate themes of fact checking, digital literacy, and user engagement connect directly to her experience. “I’m especially excited to speak at I Annotate,” says Dyson, “I started my career as a fact-checker for Forbes magazine and have a longtime passion both for the truth and for freedom of speech.” Dyson was also an early investor in Flickr, which pioneered web based image annotation, and social tagging company, which give her an intimate familiarity with the technical goals and user benefits that an interoperable annotation paradigm can bring.

Watch Esther Dyson’s keynote below or see all the I Annotate 2017 videos.


I Annotate 2017 is the fifth annual gathering dedicated to advancing digital annotation practices, standards and technologies. With the W3C’s recent publication of a formal standard for web annotation, the rise of challenges around the credibility of news, and more publishers implementing and experimenting with annotation, this promises to be a banner year for fascinating discussion, deep learning, and opportunities for action.

Dyson is executive founder of The Way to Wellville. Wellville is a 10-year nonprofit project mentoring five small US communities to cultivate health among their residents and generate data about how they do it. The ultimate goal is to show the value of investing in health as an asset, and to inspire others to do so.

Dyson is also a trained cosmonaut, has served as chairman of ICANN and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, wrote the best-selling, widely translated book Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age, and has served on the boards of many companies, including 23andMe, Luxoft, Meetup, Wellpass, XCOR and Yandex, and nonprofits, including ExpandEDSchools, The Long Now Foundation and the Open Humans Foundation.

Join us with Esther Dyson in San Francisco in May.

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