Indiana University Partners with Hypothesis to Pilot Collaborative Annotation

By Nate Angell | 16 July, 2019

The Hypothesis icon sitting on top of the Indiana University logo.We are excited to announce that Indiana University (IU) is joining the Hypothesis AnnotatED community to experiment with using collaborative annotation starting in the Fall 2019 term. Long a leader in educational technology innovation, IU’s eLearning Design & Services team will integrate the Hypothesis LMS app into Instructure Canvas, its primary learning platform, and enable a first cohort of instructors to start using annotation in their courses. Students at IU will be able to annotate course readings and other assigned documents to help make their reading active, visible, and social.

As the first Unizin school to join the AnnotatED community, Indiana University will bring deep experience with delivering digital capabilities at scale while also supporting standards-based interoperability and analytics. Hypothesis is looking forward to collaborating with IU and the rest of the Unizin consortium to establish collaborative annotation as a common capability among the standard tools, services, and practices used across educational institutions. One particular project we look forward to working on is integrating annotation activity data into the Unizin Data Platform. Right now, Jon Udell, our Director of Integrations, is exploring how to deliver Hypothesis annotation data via the IMS Caliper standard.

“Working with Indiana is an amazing opportunity to take annotation to the next level in education,” said Hypothesis Director of Education Jeremy Dean. “Not only will Indiana offer the largest academic community yet an opportunity to use annotation fully integrated into their LMS, but they can also help us start to collect and analyze learning data that will enable us to explore the impact annotation can have in teaching and learning.”

As the fall term approaches for most in higher education, we are working with more and more colleges and universities to pilot Hypothesis in the 2019–2020 academic year — so expect more institutions to join IU and our growing list of AnnotatED partners and reach out to us if you would like to explore using annotation at your school.

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