Open Annotation RDFa using JSON

By bigbluehat | 15 October, 2014

The Open Annotation Core Data Model is something we’re keen to include in future releases. We’re exploring using it via JSON-LD natively in AnnotatorJS. Along the way, we’re experimenting and growing our understanding of the specification.

RDFa allows us to mix the Open Annotation Core Data Model into existing HTML markup. In an effort to understand how this all might work, I built a small RequireBin to see how far I could get using the existing JSON object.

Here’s the result (or view it on RequireBin):

The <textarea> contents are the most interesting part (so far). There some minimal HTML markup with some explanatory RDFa attributes that use the Open Annotation Core Data Model to “explain” the data in the markup.

If you’re curious what this might look like visualized as a graph or represented in Turtle, copy and paste the contents of that text area into RDFa Play.

Feedback extremely welcome!

It’s early days yet, so any and all input is welcome. Feel free to send an email to or ping me on Twitter @bigbluehat.


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