SOC2 Type 2 Compliance Achievement: A Milestone for Hypothesis

By dwhly | 16 February, 2024

In the digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats loom large, the importance of robust security measures and compliance standards cannot be overstated. It’s with great pride that we announce Hypothesis has achieved SOC2 Type 2 compliance as of February 2024, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and process integrity.

The Journey to SOC2 Type 2 Compliance

SOC2 Type 2 compliance is not just a badge of honor; it’s a rigorous, ongoing process that demonstrates a company’s dedication to safeguarding its systems and customer data against evolving threats. It’s also part of a larger commitment to security that we take seriously. We have a page that covers all of our security protocols, certifications and ongoing processes here.  Achieving SOC2 Type 2 compliance means that Hypothesis has not only implemented stringent security measures but also undergoes continuous monitoring and regular audits to ensure these standards are maintained over time.

A Comprehensive Audit Process

Our journey to SOC2 Type 2 compliance involved a comprehensive audit conducted by the Johanson Group, a reputed firm known for its thorough evaluation processes. This audit scrutinized every aspect of our operations, from technical safeguards to business processes, ensuring that we adhere to the stringent requirements set forth by SOC2 standards.  The Type 2 nature of the audit means that it was an audit that observed our compliance over a period of time, instead of just a point in time. This audit window was between October 2023 to January 2024.  

Highlights of Our Compliance Strategy

Automated Controls

  • One of the keystones of our SOC2 compliance strategy is the implementation of automated internal controls. These controls are designed to ensure compliance across all levels of our operations, minimizing human error and enhancing our security posture.

Continuous Monitoring

  • In addition to automated controls, we implemented a compliance automation solution to ensure real-time and continuous adherence to our SOC2 policies.

Audit Completion and Maintaining Standards

This first formal SOC2 Type 2 audit concluded successfully in February 2024, with the Johanson Group’s detailed findings affirming our compliance. This is an ongoing process which will repeat annually.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate this achievement, we continue to remain focused on not just maintaining but enhancing our security measures and compliance processes. Hypothesis is dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s data is protected with the highest standards of security.

Contact for Details

We provide our SOC2 report under NDA.  For those who would like to review it please complete the form below. 

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