Webinar: Annotation for Publishers

By heatherstaines | 13 July, 2017

In our first webinar dedicated to annotation for publishers on 13 July 2017, we posed ten questions you should ask about annotation. During the webinar, Director of Partnerships Heather Staines and CEO Dan Whaley talked about how Hypothesis answers those questions for publishers as the provider of an open, interoperable annotation platform. The webinar also included an exploration of specific annotation use cases in publishing, a live demonstration of Hypothesis capabilities, how Hypothesis works with our publishing partners, and questions and answers with attendees.

You may have missed the live webinar, but you can watch the recording below or on YouTube and view or download the slides to learn more about digital annotation for publishers. When you’re ready, contact Hypothesis to learn more and join other organizations using digital annotation with their publications.

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Annotation for publishers webinar series

With over 40 people attending this first webinar, we are planning a continuing series of webinars focused on topics of interest to the publishing community, where you’ll hear from Hypothesis partners and users how annotation is changing their publications and workflows. We’ve already heard about some topics of interest like those below, but would also love to hear your suggestions for other topics.

  • Technical integration of Hypothesis
  • Hypothesis partners and use cases
  • Annotating EPUBs
  • What the W3C web annotation standards mean for publishers
  • Annotation applications for researchers
  • Annotations as research objects
  • Annotation for education publishers
  • Annotation for the humanities and social sciences
  • Annotation for STM (Science Technology and Medical) Publishers

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