Class Roster Annotation Assignment

Teacher instructions: Copy and paste these instructions into your own course to use with your students. Be sure to review the instructions before posting in your courses. You may want to make adjustments depending on how you plan to assess annotations or due to your specific discipline and/or assignment. In order to set up this assignment, you’ll have to save your class roster as a PDF and load it into a Hypothesis-enabled reading in your LMS.

Instructions for students

Purpose: Annotating the class roster will allow everyone to get to know each other better and practice using the annotation tool. You can review a quick-start guide for how to add annotations.

Instructions: Find your name in the class roster below. Select it and add an annotation that includes:

  • What you prefer to be called
  • Your class year and major
  • Any other fun fact about yourself
  • Feel free to add an image that you feel best represents you or your interests (review instructions on how to add images, links or videos to annotations)

Following that, reply to 2-3 classmates’ annotations and ask them a question about their major or interests. If a classmate asks you a question, you should reply with a response.

If someone replies to your annotation, you will not receive a notification. Check back periodically to continue the conversation!

Important notes about annotating: 

  • Make sure you hit “post” after you complete your annotation, or else your annotation will not be saved.
  • Make sure it says “post to [this class]” and not “post to only me,” or else I won’t be able to review your annotations.