Examples of Classroom Use

Although most social annotation in teaching and learning happens privately in our LMS integration or in private groups, many classes annotate online texts collaboratively in public. Here are some examples of such course work where you can see social annotation in action. Click the links or screenshots to visit each annotated document.

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Elisa Beshero-Bondar, University of Pittsburg-Greensburg

Undergrad English students annotating poems across the Web from Gutenberg to Bartleby.com, including Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”:

Check out the stream of the class’s work from throughout the semester, a stream created because students used a course tag in their annotations.

Mark Sample, Davidson College

Students in an edX course annotating a Wikipedia page:

Krystyna Michaels, NYU

Freshman seminar students annotating PDFs of essays hosted on a WordPress site:

NOTE: For more on hosting PDFs on WordPress, see this tutorial.

Elba Serrano, New Mexico State University

Neuroscience grad students annotating PDFs of journal articles hosted at scholarly databases:

Chris Sloan, Judge Memorial High School

High school students annotating “Letter from Birmingham Jail” published to the web on Google Drive:

Larry Hanley, San Francisco State

College English students annotating a professor’s literary anthology using our WordPress plugin:

NOTE: Learn more about the Hypothesis WordPress plugin.

Jeff Allred, Hunter College

Undergrad English students annotating a public realm novel, Melville’s Benito Cereno, hosted on a WordPress site:

Also check out the stream of the class’s work from throughout the term.

Robin DeRosa, Plymouth State University

Undergrad English students annotating a professor’s literary anthology in Pressbooks:

Matthew Roberts, Grand Valley State

Online political science students annotating Supreme Court opinions on professor’s website:

NOTE: Hypothesis is natively embedded on the above page using JavaScript. Learn how to embed Hypothesis on a website.

Lee Skallerup Bessette, University of Mary Washington

Undergrads in freshman seminar annotating an Audrey Watters blog. UPDATE: The author of the blog has blocked annotation, but you can view an out of context stream of the class’s annotations on the text.

Amanda Licastro, Stevenson University

One undergrad composition student’s rhetorical analysis of an online journal article.

Sean Hackney, Joliet Township High School

One high school English student’s annotations on a speech transcript as part of a research project:

Also check out the stream of her annotations for the research project.