Faculty Referral Program

Why be a part of the Faculty Referral Program?

Unlock the potential of collaborative learning by introducing Hypothesis to your peers. 

We’ve heard from our faculty users how impactful Hypothesis is in their courses. We now want to give you the opportunity to share your experience and help other faculty join the social annotation movement. For every faculty you bring on board, choose from a range of exciting rewards crafted just for you.

Referring a faculty member is simple!

How it works:

  • Share this form and have the faculty member who you would like to refer complete and mention you as the “Referrer”.
  • Once that faculty member launches their course with Hypothesis, you will receive an email where you can choose your reward.

Choose Your Reward:

  • Liquid Margins Guest Feature: Dive deep into discussions and showcase your experiences by joining a Liquid Margins episode as a guest!
  • Blog Spotlight: Have a story or insight about using Hypothesis in education? Pen it down and we’ll feature it on our official Hypothesis blog.
  • Exclusive Yeti Mug: Stay refreshed! Enjoy your favorite beverages with a Hypothesis-branded Yeti mug.

Program Details:

  • Eligibility: Only faculty members who haven’t previously used Hypothesis can be referred.
  • Verification: Rewards will be dispatched after the referred faculty launches their course with Hypothesis.
  • One Reward Per Referral: Each successful referral allows you to choose one reward.

Join the Movement!

Be a part of the growing Hypothesis community. Help us empower educators around the world with the impact of social annotation.

Get Referred Today

Here’s what other faculty members are saying about Hypothesis:


“Hypothesis is one of the single most impactful tools I’ve ever brought into a classroom. It’s such a low lift, and the yield is so high in terms of what I’m getting back as the instructor.”

— Justin Hodgson, Associate Professor, Indiana University Bloomington

“The benefit I didn’t expect is the way it empowers students to facilitate their mutual learning. So rather than a top-down power-structure of learning, it becomes very equitable: across students, learning is facilitated by students, not just by me as the instructor at the helm.”

– Katherine Gaffney, Graduate Teaching Assistant, The University of Southern Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know if my referral is successful?
A: We keep you in the loop! Expect an email notification for each successful referral.

Q: What’s the process to claim my reward?
A: After verifying a successful referral has activated a course, we’ll email you with instructions to claim your chosen reward.

Q: What eligibility of referring someone?
A: A faculty member must be using the Hypothesis app within their LMS to refer someone.