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Explore interactive learning and reading with Hypothesis: two unique ways to engage with digital content.

LMS App:

Enhancing Educational Engagement

Our LMS App is tailored for educational institutions, seamlessly integrating with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to offer a private, secure space for academic annotations.

Key Features:

  • LMS Integration: Fully embedded within your institution’s LMS, providing a unified experience for students and educators.
  • Privacy Focused: Annotations remain private within each course, meeting FERPA and SOC2 Type 2 compliance ensuring a secure environment for students to share and discuss.
  • Versatile Content Compatibility: Annotations are supported on academic content including JSTOR, VitalSource, Pressbooks, video content, to any piece of online course content including PDFs.

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Free Web App:

Annotate the World

Our Free Web App opens up the internet for your thoughts, insights, and discussions. It’s a tool designed for anyone and everyone who wishes to engage with online content on a deeper level.

Key Features:

  • Universal Access: Annotate virtually anything on the web, from blog posts and news articles to scientific research and more.
  • Community Engagement: Share your annotations with the world, discover like-minded individuals, and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Public Annotations: Our use of open source is an invitation for others to read, reply, and collaborate, creating a vibrant community of shared knowledge.

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Publishers and Researchers

Interested in using Hypothesis to annotate over content? We have solutions for you. Contact us at sales@hypothes.is to get started.

Choose Your Path

Whether you’re an educational professional looking to deepen your students’ engagement with course materials or an  individual eager to explore and share your insights with the world, Hypothesis has a solution for you. Discover the benefits of both app’s below: 


Hypothesis LMS App

Hypothesis Web App

Annotate the Web
Annotate over online articles
Annotate over online PDFs
Annotate over YouTube Videos
Web Support
Hypothesis Account Creation Required
FERPA Compliance
SOC2 Type 2 Compliance
Seamlessly integrate into your LMS
Single Sign-On with LMS
Annotate over Bookshelf by VitalSource
Annotate over JSTOR articles
Keep student and faculty annotations private
Easily grade annotations in your LMS
Training and workshops for faculty
Dedicated Account Manager
Pedagogical Support
Become certified in social annotation at Hypothesis Academy
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