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Authorizing Hypothesis from the Azure AD App Gallery

Who is this guide for?

  • This guide is for Microsoft OneDrive or Sharepoint administrators
  • If you are an LMS administrator looking to install the Hypothesis LMS app in your Learning Management System, please see our instructions here

The Hypothesis LMS app enables instructors to connect to their OneDrive or Sharepoint folders to access documents for use in Hypothesis readings. When this feature is used, instructors are prompted to authorize Hypothesis to access their Microsoft account and grant Hypothesis the permissions required to configure the PDFs for use in Hypothesis readings.

Microsoft request authorization dialog window

As a Microsoft administrator, you may have preferences or policies that restrict individual users from authorizing external apps. The Hypothesis listing in the Azure AD App Gallery allows you to authorize Hypothesis centrally for your site, rather than at the user level.

Authorizing Hypothesis as an Azure administrator

In some instances your Azure permissions may be set up so that instructors are not able to request permission to use the app from within the OneDrive dialogue. While the Azure admin pages often contain a link to log into the app requesting access, the Hypothesis LMS app may only be accessed from inside a Learning Management System. For the Azure admin to access our app, they will need to:

  • Have your Learning Management System admin create an Instructor account for you and give you access to a Course sandbox.
  • Create a Hypothesis-enabled reading in the course.
  • While creating the reading, choose the OneDrive option.
  • As the Azure admin, approve Hypothesis’ access to OneDrive.
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