How do I export my annotations?

At any time, you can see your Hypothesis annotations by navigating to your profile page. If you would like to download this information for your records or for use elsewhere, this is possible through the Hypothesis API. Our Director of Integrations, Jon Udell, has created a prototype for exporting Hypothesis data that allows you to easily download your annotations in a variety of formats. [Note: Since this tool is a prototype, we are unable to provide troubleshooting or support beyond these basic instructions. We plan to add a fully-supported export feature to Hypothesis in the future.]

To export all of your Hypothesis annotations, go to and enter your Hypothesis username and API token (required for downloading private annotations). Click “Search” to see all of your annotations appear on the right side of the screen. Above your annotations, you can click one of three buttons to download your annotations in HTML, CSV, or plain text formats.

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