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How to Invite Members to a Private Group

To invite others to join your private group, go to the group’s activity page and copy the link to the group’s home page.

Accessing the group activity page

You can access a group activity page in one of two ways:

From your user profile page

  1. Follow these instructions for navigating to your profile page, or go directly to https://hypothes.is/users/[yourusername] (i.e., https://hypothes.is/users/klemay).
  2. Click the Groups in the upper right of the page. Select your group’s name from the drop-down menu:

From the Hypothesis sidebar

  1. Click on the scope selector in the top left of the Hypothesis sidebar
  2. Under your group’s name, click View group activity and invite others: 


On the right side of the group activity page, there is a section called Invite new members: 

Copy the link provided and share it with people you’d like to invite to your group. You may wish to provide these instructions for joining a group along with the link.

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