Instructor Email Digest FAQ

The Hypothesis daily email digest for instructors is the first phase in our commitment to improving social engagement with annotations. This is in a beta phase and we will work to improve upon it based on user feedback.

1. What will the email contain?

The email will contain an update on annotation activity in an instructor’s assignments. It will contain the total number of annotations and a breakdown of the assignments and courses they are associated with.

The email digest is displayed, showing the following information: The total number of students making new annotations, the total number of new annotations, the number of courses these annotations were made in, a list of the courses and assignments per course with the number of students with new annotations per assignment and the number of new annotations per assignment. There is also a button labeled "Share feedback" and a link to unsubscribe.


2. Who will receive the email?

All instructors associated with a course will get the email. However, the instructor must have launched at least one Hypothesis assignment in the course otherwise Hypothesis will not recognise the instructor and be able to send an email.

3. How often will I receive an email?

Instructors will have the option to select how many days a week they receive these emails. At the bottom of the email find a link that says “Change your email preferences”.

The screenshot contains the text from the end of a Hypothesis digest email. Under the corporate address there's the text "Change your email preferences or unsubscribe from these emails." "Change your email preferences" is highlighted.

Then select whether or not you want a daily update, and which day(s) you’d like to receive the email on.

A screenshot of the digest notifications screen. The title is "Email notifications", with text "Receive email notifications when students annotate. Select the days you'd like your emails:". Below that are options for each day of the week, "select all", and "select none".

4. Will I receive an email if no annotations have been made?

If no annotations have been made in your assignments in the previous day you will not receive an email digest.

5. How can I make the most of this email?

We recommend using the email to increase student engagement with your readings and with each other . Where students have left annotations you can reply to them. You can also use the email to let your students know there are annotations to check out!

If you’ve received no email that day then you know no annotations have been made, this might be helpful to give your students a nudge and complete the assignment.

6. How can I easily find the new annotations in the assignment?

Once you’re in the LMS you can sort annotations by “newest”.

A close-up shot of the top right of the Hypothesis Sidebar, with the sort button selected and the menu options visible showing: Newest, Oldest, Location.

7. What does “beta phase” mean?

The daily email digest feature is in a beta phase. This means it is the first iteration and feedback will be gathered from instructors in order to make the email even better in the future!

8. How can I share feedback with Hypothesis?

Each email you receive will provide a link to a survey where you can provide your feedback on how you’ve used the email and what we can improve.

9. Can I unsubscribe from the emails?

Yes! The email will provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom. However, we’d really love to get as much feedback as possible to make the product as useful for you as we can.

Please note that once you unsubscribe from this email we’re currently unable to offer a way to resubscribe at a later date.

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