Hypothesis Academy: Social Annotation in the Age of AI

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  • Social Annotation in the Age of AI Cohort 6: June 4-18, 2024
  • Social Annotation in the Age of AI Cohort 7: July 30-August 13, 2024
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What is Hypothesis Academy: Social Annotation in the Age of AI?

Hypothesis Academy: Social Annotation in the Age of AI is a two-week course designed to teach you how to use Hypothesis social annotation to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI writing tools such as ChatGPT.

By the end of the course, you’ll design the instructions and grading plan for a Hypothesis social annotation activity specifically with AI in mind (this may or may not even use AI outputs).

If you complete all of the required components of the course, you’ll also receive recognition as a Hypothesis Certified Educator for the course Social Annotation in the Age of AI. This includes a digital certificate (which can easily be shared to your social media pages or downloaded and saved to a portfolio).

Learning Goals

    1. Reflect on the impact and potential of AI in education, including digital literacy.
    2. Analyze how Hypothesis social annotation can be used in teaching and learning as a response to artificial intelligence’s emerging role in education.
    3. Evaluate two categories of Hypothesis annotation assignments: assignments which use social annotation alongside AI-produced text, and assignments that encourage engagement with course materials to discourage student use of AI.
    4. Set up a Hypothesis-enabled assignment in the appropriate LMS and grade the assignment.
    5. Design an activity that uses social annotation with Hypothesis.

How much does it cost?

For all faculty and instructional support at our partner institutions, access to Hypothesis Academy courses are included as part of your subscription. Not sure if you qualify? Email success@hypothes.is.

What if I already have experience with Hypothesis?

This course is designed for both new and experienced users. If you’ve used Hypothesis before, you may encounter material you are already familiar with, but you’ll find new tricks and resources available to you. You’ll also gain access to a community of educators from whom you can learn new ideas for using social annotation in teaching.

How is the course structured, and how much time does it take?

The course runs in completely asynchronous cohorts with opportunities for engagement with facilitators and other Hypothesis educators across multiple institutions.

Course content is delivered using the Canvas LMS (although we’ll provide instructions for Hypothesis use in other LMSs). Official course announcements and messages will also be sent via Canvas. The Slack messaging app will be used for community brainstorming and discussion, informal Q&A, and unofficial communication.

The amount of time each participant dedicates to the course depends on their familiarity with Hypothesis as well as their own learning management system (LMS). Each participant can expect to spend approximately 1.5-3 hours in the first week and 1-2 hours in the second week of the course.

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