Letters to the Next President


Welcome to the Hypothesis home page for the Letters to the Next President 2.0 project from the National Writing Project and KQED!

As part of this initiative, students and teachers will be using the Hypothesis collaborative annotation tool to comment on and converse about important documents on the Web related to the 2016 election, from major speeches, to campaign websites, to op-ed articles. You can see what others are saying, and discover texts to annotate, by checking the stream of annotations tagged “nextprez” on Hypothesis.

(We’ve embedded a text by text, URL by URL, version of the stream on the right here. Click on a title to visit the original source. Click on the number in parentheses to expand and view annotations right here on this page!)

In addition to these spontaneous activities, we will also be hosting scheduled annotatathons around historical texts related to American presidential politics. Join us for our next event from May 9th through 13th! We’ll be annotating the original campaign announcements of the remaining presidential candidates.

Here are some links to help you and your students get started using Hypothesis for L2P 2.0:

  • How Do You Annotate an Election?

You can find many more tutorials and assignments at this L2P 2.0 Teacher Resource Guide, including exercises in fact-checking and assessing media bias.

As always, feel free to reach out to education@hypothes.is for with questions and ideas.

Check out our introductory webinar discussing how to use Hypothesis to engage students in the 2016 election: