LMS vs Web App

Hypothesis LMS Integration compared to the Hypothesis Web App


At Hypothesis, we’re committed to making education more interactive, engaging, and impactful. Discover the unparalleled advantages of our LMS integration over the web app, as we redefine how students and educators collaborate and learn.

Ready to see the difference? Let’s dive into the reasons that make the Hypothesis LMS integration the preferred choice for instructors including enhanced privacy, FERPA compliance, and a seamless experience. 

Hypothesis Web App

Hypothesis LMS Integration

Annotate the Web
Annotate over online articles
Annotate over online PDFs
Annotate over YouTube Videos
Web Support
Hypothesis Account Creation Required
FERPA Compliance
Seamlessly integrate into your LMS
Single Sign-On with LMS
Annotate over Bookshelf by VitalSource
Annotate over JSTOR articles
Keep student and faculty annotations private
Easily grade annotations in your LMS
Training and workshops for faculty
Dedicated Account Manager
Pedagogical Support
Become certified in social annotation at Hypothesis Academy

Ready to explore the difference? Test out the Hypothesis integration with an LMS for free by using the link below:

Hypothesis Playground

See how easy it is to create assignments in the LMS: