The Group Home Page

The Hypothesis group home page will be your control center for annotating as part of a private group. It [1] contains a list of recently documents annotated by group members–expand to view annotations, [2] lists group members with their annotation account, not including replies–clicking on a username here will filter the group’s documents and annotations to just those created by that user.

If you have students using tags, you will also see this section populated with content. And clicking on a particular tag will filter the group search results by that tag.

If you want to return to the group home page at any point during your annotation travels, simply click the text under the group name in the annotation sidebar:

NOTE: Any document that contains an annotation posted to a group will automatically appear on the group home page. Be aware of this as you test the creation of annotations. If such an annotation is deleted and no other group annotations are on the page, upon refresh that document will no longer be listed at the group home.