27 New Schools Pilot Hypothesis and Join AnnotatED

By frannyfrench | 20 April, 2020

WELCOME to #AnnotatED in white letters on a red banner.From community colleges to Ivy League universities, 27 new institutions have signed on to formally pilot collaborative web annotation with Hypothesis as part of AnnotatED, the community for annotation in education.

The diverse array of institutions starting Hypothesis pilots speaks to the ways collaborative web annotation enhances teaching and learning across multiple disciplines, with different types of students and classes. Collaborative annotation is a powerful teaching tool that enables students to contribute to a conversation about readings directly on the texts themselves, and helps teachers see and guide how students are learning from and responding to their reading. Our new pilot schools include:

Ivy League universities: Cornell University, Princeton University

Community colleges: Glendale Community College, Montgomery College, North Arkansas College, Saddleback College, Solano Community College, South Puget Sound Community College

Public colleges and universities: Appalachian State University, Boise State University, Colorado School of Mines, Columbia Basin College, Evergreen State College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Green River College, Michigan Technological University, University of Arizona, University of Kentucky

Private colleges and universities: Carleton College, Colorado College, Creighton University, Denver Seminary, Franklin & Marshall College, Tulane University, University of St. Thomas, Wake Forest University

Independent schools: Choate Rosemary Hall

Piloting schools collaborate with us to integrate Hypothesis into their learning management system (LMS) via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) — now with gradebook integration — and get virtual training, regular check-ins for pilot participants, on-demand support for teachers and staff, teacher and student surveys, and reporting on pilot usage and outcomes.

Start using Hypothesis in your LMS and learn more about pricing for your school.


We are eager to partner with all 27 of our new onboarding institutions. These schools will also join the AnnotatED community, where they will share experiences and best practices with annotation. Educators are seeing both qualitative and quantitative evidence that collaborative annotation is improving student learning experiences. To find out more about piloting, read up on annotation strategies and hear from educators in our recent webinar.

As 2020 progresses and every day is another “Groundhog Day” of uncertainty, we expect to see even more schools piloting our program. To be of assistance during this challenging time, Hypothesis is waiving all fees to educational institutions for the remainder of 2020.

We’ll keep you posted as our list of piloting partners grows. Meanwhile, we invite everyone to subscribe to our updates for upcoming AnnotatED community events.

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