The Pedagogy of Collaborative Annotation

By jeremydean | 19 April, 2017

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In our first Canvas webinar introducing the Hypothesis app, we didn’t have enough time to discuss the most interesting aspect of collaborative annotation: its pedagogy. On 19 April, we reconvened to focus more on what actually happens when working with this new technology in the classroom, hearing directly from educators currently implementing collaborative annotation in their classrooms both inside and outside the LMS.

  • how to prompt student annotations
  • annotation assignments and rubrics
  • encouraging student collaboration
  • multimedia writing
  • scaffolding annotation practice across a term
  • to grade or not to grade annotations
  • leveraging annotation work in other curricular projects
  • and much more

You may have missed our live webinar, but you can watch the recording and view the slides to learn more about the pedagogical value of collaborative annotation.


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