Hypothesis Annotation in 5 Minutes

By heatherstaines | 3 January, 2018

Diagram of the research life cycle next to the Hypothesis logo.On 6 December, 2017, publishers, technologists, and researchers gathered in London at the Congress Centre for the annual STM Innovations Seminar. I was honored to be asked to present an update on Hypothesis and how we are working with folks throughout the research and publishing life cycles, particularly in collaboration over pre-prints, in peer review, in branded and moderated post-publication layers, and in entity extraction.

I gave a flash talk, designed to convey a lot of information in a short period of time. Presenters used a special template in which slides auto-advance every 15 seconds. It can be an intimidating format the first few times you try it, but it offers presenters a great opportunity to be concise and disciplined in what they say.

The STM Association agreed to let me recreate the flash talk “Hypothesis Annotation in 5 Minutes” I hope you find it useful!

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