Announcing Open Annotation Integration With Atypon’s Literatum Platform

By heatherstaines | 21 August, 2018

The Hypothesis logo and wordmark sitting on top of the Atypon wordmark.Today, Atypon and Hypothesis are announcing a collaboration to align annotation capabilities in Atypon’s new in-browser Literatum eReader with the emerging ecosystem of interoperable clients and services for annotation based open standards and technologies.

An open-source technology organization, Hypothesis’ user-friendly tool allows academics and scientists to make notes on documents they are reading and share those notes with others. More than 3.4 million Hypothesis annotations have already been created across the web. Atypon’s Literatum publishing platform hosts nearly 45% of the world’s English language scholarly journals. Through this collaboration, Atypon customers will be able to add an annotation layer to their content for the creation of additional commentary, deep-linking to supplementary resources or data, or post-publication peer review — on top of the version of record.

An early supporter of annotation, Atypon joined the Annotating All Knowledge Coalition (AAK) in 2015 to explore the benefits to standards-based, interoperable annotation across the world’s knowledge. “Collaboration is essential to advancing science,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, CEO of Atypon. “As an inaugural member of AAK and avid supporter of data standards and open frameworks, Atypon is pleased to help our publishers make their researchers’ workflows more productive by offering open annotation.”

“Given the number of publishers that use Literatum for their content distribution, it is essential that we deliver a high quality annotation experience there,” says Dan Whaley, Hypothesis Founder and CEO. “We’re working with Atypon to fully integrate the Hypothesis platform with their new eReader for books and journals.”

Publishers should contact their Atypon Account Manager to discuss enabling annotation on their publications and websites.

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