Hypothesis Enables Student Pay through VitalSource

By Cara Shannon | 5 December, 2023

At Hypothesis, we’ve always been committed to enhancing the digital reading experience through open web annotation. Our partnership with VitalSource has been a cornerstone in this journey, offering seamless integration with Bookshelf® by VitalSource and therefore the millions of textbooks they provide distribution to. Today, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting evolution in this collaboration: a student pay option for Hypothesis with Bookshelf by VitalSource.

Enabling Student Pay

This new capability marks a significant step forward. Students can now directly purchase Hypothesis access through Bookshelf by VitalSource at institutions that use Vitalsource. This integration simplifies the process, making our tools more readily available to a broader audience. It’s not just a technical enhancement; it’s about making educational resources more accessible and user-friendly.

Greater Access for Instructors and Students

One of the most significant advantages of this integration is the autonomy it provides instructors. Educators can now incorporate Hypothesis into their curriculum without requiring an institutional commitment. This flexibility is vital in today’s diverse educational landscape. For students, this means greater access to Hypothesis, especially in scenarios where institutional budgets are tight or decision-making processes are lengthy.

Supporting Inclusive and Equitable Access

Our integration with Bookshelf by VitalSource aligns perfectly with the Inclusive or Equitable Access models adopted by many schools. These models emphasize making learning materials readily available and affordable for all students. By fitting into these models, Hypothesis becomes a more integral part of the educational procurement process, adhering to the preferred methods of many institutions.

Available for spring semester

The Hypothesis Student Pay solution with Bookshelf by VitalSource is available for the 2024 Spring Semester.  We invite educators and institutions to explore this new, streamlined way of integrating Hypothesis into your digital learning environment. Experience firsthand how this integration can transform the way your students interact with texts and each other.  

If you are interested in implementing the student pay option for Hypothesis with Bookshelf by VitalSource please complete the below interest form to get started.

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Stay tuned for more updates, and discover how to leverage this new feature and more to come  in your educational journey! 

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