Hypothesis Now Integrates With Blackboard Files

By mdiroberts | 14 September, 2021

A screenshot of the Assignment Details view in the Hypothesis LMS App in Blackboard, showing three assignment sources: a web URL, a PDF in Blackboard (circled in red with a red arrow pointing to it), a PDF in Google Drive.

We’re pleased to announce that Blackboard users can now store annotatable readings securely and easily in their course Content Collections. Before now, Blackboard instructors using Hypothesis have been enabling their students to annotate readings stored in Google Drive, available on the web, or using a complex workaround in Blackboard. We know that people are looking for additional options to store files — and to meet these needs, we’ll continue to deliver new features in the Hypothesis LMS app.

Instructors can start by making sure PDFs they want students to annotate are housed in Blackboard’s Content Collection within their course. From there they’re only a few steps away from building Hypothesis-enabled readings out of documents stored securely in Blackboard. You can find all of the details in our Blackboard Files help article. If you’re not seeing this option in Blackboard and you think you should, direct your Blackboard administrator to our install instructions or send their contact information to our support team for help.

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