Hypothesis Social Annotation Now With D2L Groups

By dwhly | 14 December, 2022

Hypothesis and D2L logos together on a white background

Great news if D2L Brightspace is your learning management system (LMS): The Hypothesis LMS app now integrates with native D2L course groups. This feature allows instructors to specify groups of any size, reuse those groups on future assignments, and meet a variety of instructional goals (like 1:1 teacher-student annotation layers).

In order to enable this feature in your D2L instance, you or your LMS admin will need to complete a few steps first. Please have your LMS admin read this article, and then email us with any questions.

Pedagogically speaking, there are lots of great reasons for breaking students into groups: large classes, group projects, empowering shy students to become more active in the margins. While we definitely recommend groups for large classes, it can also be an effective teaching tool for smaller classes, especially when using collaborative activities, like social annotation.

Follow this how-to guide or watch our quick video on using the groups feature to annotate in D2L.

We’d love to hear about your annotation practices that use groups. Annotate this post to share your experience with others.

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