Instructors Can Stay in the Loop With Hypothesis’s New Daily Digest Emails

By Julie Schochet | 17 May, 2023

In the fast-paced world of education, staying connected with students, facilitating ongoing conversations, and tracking student engagement is crucial for instructors. To further improve instructor-student interaction, we are pleased to introduce an exciting new feature – a daily digest email tailored specifically for instructors!

These emails are designed to:

Keep instructors informed

The daily digest email serves as a comprehensive summary of the social annotation activity occurring in your courses. Instead of sifting through individual assignments, instructors now have a convenient overview of student engagement right in their inbox. This streamlined approach enables instructors to stay up-to-date without compromising valuable time.

Keep track of student engagement

The email provides instructors with valuable insights into the number of annotations their students made in assignments the previous day. This information empowers instructors to gauge the level of student participation and identify patterns of engagement, letting them pinpoint areas where further support or intervention may be needed.

Enable prompt and personalized feedback

With the daily digest emails, instructors can promptly respond to student annotations and maintain an ongoing dialogue. The timely nature of the email ensures that instructors can provide feedback when it matters most, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment.

The introduction of these daily digest emails marks a significant step forward in strengthening the connection between educators and students. For more information, please read our FAQ page.

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