Meet Daryl Hedley, our new VP Engineering

By frannyfrench | 13 September, 2022

Black and white headshot of Hypothesis Head of Engineering Daryl Hedley

Before joining Hypothesis, Daryl Hedley led engineering and product in small startups and on large distributed open-source teams. Daryl spent his early career as a teacher, a profession in which he learned the foundations of good education. Later, he discovered his passion for building products, and that took him down the engineering career path. Combining these two skills led him on multiple adventures in the EdTech space, including building Adapt, the first open-source HTML learning framework, and Evolve, the learning authoring tool powering the world’s leading online learning initiatives which now serves nearly a billion users a day for companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and many more. In addition to being a musician, father, programmer, and tech enthusiast, he is an advocate for progressive improvements, finding purpose and open honest communication.

Hypothesis founder and CEO Dan Whaley sat down with Daryl for a conversation about his background, his interests, what makes him tick, and how the Engineering team will be working to support and grow Hypothesis social annotation going forward.

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