Our NPS Score Tells All: Faculty LOVE Using Hypothesis

By Julie Schochet | 15 May, 2023

Hypothesis is committed to improving the learning experience for both faculty and students.  Our unwavering dedication is reflected in our impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70 (based on instructor feedback), which surpasses the industry average for SaaS companies by a mile. The majority of SaaS organizations receive an average score of 31, with a score of 50 typically being exceptional.

The NPS is the industry gold standard for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, and we are thrilled to be leading the pack. With our commitment to revolutionizing the learning experience, we strive to empower educators and inspire learners at every step of the way.

Why do students and faculty love Hypothesis so much? Here are just a few reasons:
  • Easy and efficient to use

    Hypothesis is intuitive, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrates with most learning management systems, making getting started easy and straightforward. And, using the platform is simple: Annotations can be added directly within a text, and students can respond to them in real time, creating a collaborative learning environment that fosters deeper engagement with the material.

  • Creates a sense of community in the classroom

    Social annotation lets students connect with their peers, promoting a sense of belonging and community in the classroom. Hypothesis’ focus on open discussion and collaboration create opportunities for students to learn from one another and develop a more nuanced understanding of complex topics together. Their feelings of belonging may deepen when they see other students with similar questions or confusion about the text, or if they are able to help answer a classmate’s question.

  • Provides instructors insight into student learning

    Instructors can see what key points students are excited about or struggling with in the reading, and know where students are at with the material before class even begins. This information can help educators tailor their lesson plans to meet the needs of their students and is helpful in guiding classroom discussions.

  • Comprehensive faculty training and support

    Hypothesis offers a range of training and support options to help faculty users get the most out of the platform. This includes Hypothesis Academy, a series of self-paced online courses that cover everything, from the basics of using Hypothesis to more advanced features and strategies. Our Partner Workshops are also valuable resources for all Hypothesis users, from social annotation beginners to pros, to get the most out of social annotation in their teaching and learning.

  • Customer success team of educators

    Our customer success team is made up of educators who have been in the same position as our faculty users. They understand the challenges of getting students engaged in the classroom, and have experienced firsthand how social annotation can improve student engagement. They’re dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to help faculty achieve their goals.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our faculty users have to say from our NPS survey results:

“I just love the social aspect of annotating – especially in online classes where it increases student-to-student interaction. The best part, for me, is seeing the discussion between students. They are definitely much more engaged in the readings and, therefore, are comprehending more and retaining more.”
– Adrienne Peek, Professor of English, Modesto Junior College

“Hypothesis is an excellent tool to engage students with the text and with each other. I used it almost weekly this semester.”
– Marcia Bailey, Associate Professor of Teaching/Instruction, Temple University

“Hypothesis gets students talking to each other about the reading outside of the classroom in a way that I have never been able to see happen before. They come to class much more ready to talk about the reading, and I have a sneak preview of the issues they found most compelling, as well as the ones they might have missed.”
– Nancy Eberhardt, PhD, Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Knox College

“I’ve found Hypothesis invaluable in engaging students with assigned reading material…The students say very smart things; they engage with each other very civilly and respectfully, and they synthesize their annotations with other class discussions, projects, and readings.”
– Candace Ward, PhD, Professor of English, Florida State University

“We love Hypothesis! This handy tool allows us to go deeper than any other platform because we can directly have discussions about a particular word/sentence/paragraph within a text. We even use it for peer reviews, and it works super well. It is such an easy tool to use, too!”
– Danitza Lopez, ESOL Instructor, Peralta Community College District

“I have found Hypothesis to be a great way to guide students through online reading, provide additional resources directly through the text, and engage them in online discussions of the text!”
– Francie Quaas-Berryman, Professor of English, Cerritos College

“It has really helped my students with their reading assignments. It is more interactive than discussion boards and easier for me to grade.”
– Amy Larimer, Professor, CUNY Lehman College

At Hypothesis, we are delighted to have gained the confidence and loyalty of our users. Our incredible Net Promoter Score (NPS) stands as a testament to the value we provide. As a team, we take immense pride in knowing that our dedicated efforts are bringing about a positive transformation in the education community. We are eager to continue inspiring and empowering educators and students alike, and we remain committed to delivering exceptional experiences for our users.

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