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Hypothesis is not working on a particular page. What could be happening?

Here are some common reasons:

  • An ad blocker or other extension is causing a conflict. If you have other extensions enabled, try turning them off to see if the page in question works. If that fixes the problem, please let us know so we can investigate the conflict.
  • You’re trying to annotate a password-protected page using the Via proxy. That won’t work because unlike you, Via can’t log in to that page. In this case please try accessing the page directly and activating the extension or bookmarklet.
  • You’re trying to annotate content that lives in an iframe. When Hypothesis is loaded on a page that embeds an iframe, you can annotate text in the part of the page that surrounds the iframe, but you can’t annotate text inside the iframe. (Publishers: If you routinely deliver content in iframes, note that you can embed Hypothesis within an iframe to enable annotation there.)
  • There has been an error in the Hypothesis software, or a conflict between it and other JavaScript software running in the page. If you suspect or know that’s happened, please tell us the following in an email to support:
    • What you expected vs what happened.
    • Your operating system and browser.
    • The URL of the page you’re trying to annotate

If none of these reasons leads to a solution or workaround, please contact support.

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